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My Journey as a Modern-Day ‘Madame Claude’ in London

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◆ Welcome to my mini biography where unexpected twists led me to become a modern-day "Madame Claude" in London. Although there's so much more to tell, let's keep it concise.😀

Unexpected Beginnings

Little did I imagine that one day I would find myself running an ‘Escort agency’, providing paid companionship. It was quite a surprising turn of events considering my upbringing and values. Who would have thought?

A Twist of Fate

As time went by, I actually realised that the girls I encountered in the agency weren't there due to a difficult childhood or similar reasons. The truth was different and connected to my own life story. I won't go into all the details (it would be a long story!), but I'll give you some hints about how it all unfolded.

A Time Before the Internet

After completing my education and obtaining degrees, I briefly worked in the tourism and hotel industry. However, my strong desire to travel and explore the world led me to become an air stewardess. This was before the internet era, in the 80s. Back then, we were captivated by the mysteries of faraway places. ( I know this doesn’t make me any younger !)

Adventures in the Arabian Skies

To keep it brief, I joined an airline called Gulf Air. I worked there for six months, which was quite exhausting due to different aviation rules at the time. But before leaving Gulf Air, a stroke of luck came my way. I was selected as one of the stewardesses for a special trip to Morocco. It turned out to be an amazing experience, as we flew on a private plane carrying the son of the Emir of Bahrain. The luxury on board was astonishing, and it felt like being in a movie. Back then, people had little knowledge of the wealth and habits of the sheikhs in the Gulf countries.

Royal Encounters and Moroccan Mystique

In Morocco, I stayed in a heavily guarded hotel surrounded by princes, including the Dubai Defence Minister and the King of Morocco. I had a funny encounter with the King—I didn't recognise him at first, as there was no internet or social media to help me. Even when he asked for my number (probably to chat in French!! Lol), I declined, sticking to my upbringing. It was an incredible experience, including being invited for a falcon hunt outside of Ifrane, though the exact location escapes my memory.

Love and Intrigue in Dubai

To avoid dragging out the story, let's keep it concise. During that Morocco trip, I met a captivating person from Dubai. He had an interesting personality, and it was a whole new world for me, coming from Paris. This encounter led me to move to Dubai within a month, and I ended up in a unique relationship with this man for three years.
This man, dedicated to his country and its ambitions, rightfully placed his responsibilities above our personal connection.

Farewell to Dubai's Golden Cage

Dubai itself was a vastly different city in the 1980s, where goats and camels roamed the streets, an aspect I surprisingly found endearing. The transformation that unfolded since then - largely shaped by the efforts of the Sheikh - is nothing short of astonishing. Dubai has evolved into a sophisticated and cosmopolitan hub, attracting tourists and businesses from around the globe.

Yet, despite its rapid metamorphosis, I find myself hesitant to return. Dubai, with all its modernity, has perhaps become too refined or superficial for my taste. I hold dear the memories etched deep within my heart—the exhilaration of falcon hunts in the desert, the heartfelt poems he penned for us, and the genuine moments we shared. Dubai, as it stands today, may no longer align with those cherished recollections.
Unfortunately, I can't disclose much because he became one of the most famous sheikhs in the world.

Embracing New Beginnings

Now, let's move forward and leave nostalgia behind. I made the decision to return to France, a bittersweet and challenging experience. Leaving behind cherished memories with the prince I loved was heartbreaking, but circumstances made our relationship impossible. It was time for a fresh start.

Taking Flight with Air France

Once back in France, I found solace in joining Air France. During this period, I also pursued modelling, which brought a new dimension to my life. I appeared on television shows and even had a feature in Playboy magazine, exploring a world where beauty and charisma intertwined.

From Heartbreak to Empowerment

To keep things concise, let's skip ahead in the story. After a difficult relationship in France and feeling disheartened by the film industry's pressures and mind games, I had enough. That's when I made the bold decision to go to London and become a paid companion. Back then, it was the early 1990s, a long time ago and the idea I had about being a paid companion was very different from the reality. I was going to find out quickly!
Driven by curiosity and the desire for change, I embraced this unconventional profession. With little knowledge of what awaited me, I embarked on this new path, unsure of how things would unfold. London held both excitement and uncertainty. Little did I know, this journey would shape my life in ways I couldn't have imagined. I joined a couple of agencies but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep working with these places as I only wanted to meet interesting , respectful and nice gentlemen!

So, let's turn the page to this chapter and delve into the captivating tale that began on the vibrant streets of London. It was a time that forever altered the course of my life.

Embracing the Journey as a Paid Companion

As I reflect on my time as a paid companion, I can confidently say that it was an immensely enjoyable experience. I had the pleasure of encountering a select few remarkable gentlemen who treated me with kindness and respect. The world back then was a stark contrast to today—no internet, no GPS, and mobile phones were just emerging, large and unwieldy. Oh, the memories of carrying around a beeper make me smile!
The couple of agencies I started with, I wasn't impressed by what they offered. I had refused many meetings, as the clientele they presented didn't always meet the high-class standards I had expected.

Becoming an established ‘Escort Agency’

Within a mere couple of months, fuelled by determination, I made the bold decision to establish my own agency, with the unwavering support of my best friend. It was a challenging endeavour, but our aim was to create something unique—a close-knit "family" or "team" rather than a conventional agency. We named it 'Connaisseur' to evoke a French taste, although some of my English clients liked to pronounce it as 'Connoisseur'! The journey was filled with exhilaration and laughter as I encountered a myriad of fascinating individuals, both men and women. The countless anecdotes and colourful characters I met through the agency make it impossible to fully capture the richness of my experiences in this article.

London itself underwent a profound transformation in the 1990s, each passing year bringing new possibilities and perspectives. Looking back, I have no regrets, for this path provided me with a distinct lens through which to view the world. It granted me the opportunity to witness its vast diversity and understand the intricacies of human connection in a truly unique way.

Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of escorting

Indulging in the role of a modern-day "Madame Claude," I not only provided companionship but also took on the responsibility of guiding and shaping the young women under my care. Assisting them in walking, dressing, and behaving with grace and poise in various circumstances became my expertise. It was an exhilarating endeavour to ensure they possessed impeccable manners, oozed charm, and exuded irresistible sex appeal. Oh, the joys we experienced together!

However, as time has progressed, the landscape of the paid companionship business has undergone a significant transformation. Nowadays, the online galleries are flooded with girls who appear rather absurd, if I may say so myself. The prevalence of "duck lips," excessive plastic surgeries, garish makeup, and a profusion of tattoos leaves me disheartened. I find it truly lamentable and saddening.

Throughout my journey as a madam, one goal has remained unwavering: to seek out genuine part-time paid companions. I have always sought out girls who possess authentic assets, ones that my discerning clients can truly appreciate. I hold a deep admiration for natural beauties—women who radiate allure without the need for excessive enhancements. Even if a lady has chosen to enhance her breasts or refine her nose through plastic surgery, as long as the results appear natural, I find no qualms with it. A pretty, discreet tattoo can be also acceptable.

In a world that seems to glorify artificiality, I have held steadfast to my belief in preserving the timeless allure of genuine beauty. It is a commitment to my clients and to the legacy I have built over the years. The pursuit of authenticity remains at the core of the agency, for true elegance and allure transcend fleeting trends and uphold the timeless values that capture the hearts and desires of those seeking companionship.

In conclusion, Looking back on those transformative years, I am filled with gratitude for the growth and strength I have found within myself. My journey as a modern-day "Madam Claude" in London has been a remarkable experience of self-discovery, characterised by resilience, kindness, and the pursuit of personal autonomy.

Throughout this journey, I have had the privilege of encountering remarkable individuals from various nationalities and personalities. The memories we shared may still resonate with them if they happen to come across this article. Being a Madam in London has gifted me with a profound understanding of human nature, enabling me to discern between the good and the bad and to navigate the intricacies of the world with open eyes.

As I conclude this chapter of my life, I carry with me the lessons learned and the richness of experiences that have shaped my perspective. I am grateful for the opportunity to have embarked on such a unique and enlightening path, but it is worth noting that while many may not understand my positive sentiments towards this business, I have witnessed numerous girls who have found enjoyment and fulfilment as paid companions.

Looking forward to hearing from you…
Sabrina x